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Respect the Intellect

The urban community has always been at the center of defining pop culture, being it sports, music, or fashion, it continually has the ability to define what the world considers to be cool and relevant.  There are entire industries using the urban influence to market  and promote their goods and services to consumers looking to stay connected to the culture.  Unfortunately, this influence has not yielded into the respect the community deserves for being the creators and architects of so many new things. Urban Intellect is a movement created to acknowledge the genius of the urban community and its ability to be resilient in the face of all odds.

Urban Intellect is an urban clothing brand created for both warriors and scholars. Our mission is to create t-shirts and streetwear apparel that allows our community to stay connected while wearing the experience.  Wear the power of our words with confidence and boldness as you navigate the environment, recognize the intellect, and build the knowledge. Feel inspired by our collection of streetwear brands that speak to respecting the intellect. Stay motivated on this journey of hustle and grind, faith and works, fear and risk. Urban Intellect started with the vision to create t-shirts that countered the medias portrayal of the urban community.  Over the last two years it has grown into an ecosystem of building communites, creating e-commerce markets, and telling our own stories. 

So when you wear the power of Urban Intellect you put the world on notice that respect is expected and intellect is shared-Love

Respect the Intellect 

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