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The Brand Ambassador

Bernard Tucker


What is Urban Intellect? 

Urban Intellect is a streetwear brand created to represent both the Warrior and Scholar, our mission is to spark the collective dialogue needed to invoke change. All to often the narrative keeps our energy focused on the negativity and hopelessness, we look to shift that energy into mindset and muscle, common sense and bravery. “Respect the Intellect , that wrote the code so its all correct.” -Bernard
We aim to make our clothing line as unique as our experience, and as strong as our preservance. When you wear Urban Intellect you’ll be ready to tap into our vibe of community and collabration, join the conversation that the world has been waiting on. We Are The Ones task with taking the purpose forward, carving out a pathway for others to follow in the vision of what is possible. This is a brand of the people, for the people and because of the people.

What’s your Lyfe Lyne?  

A part of our mission is bringing awareness to the importance of mental health. The current urban enviroment has become the perfect recipe for creating anxiety and depression, disparities and unjustices, but more importantly a self-inflicted destructive mentality. Lyfe Lyne is the brand that asks you, what ‘s your life line. What’s the thing that keeps you going? What motivates you to be strong? Who are the people you live for? Eventhough we promote the importance of strength, we also look to promote the importance of leaning on the community and those who champion you. 

We Are Warriors and Scholars!