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Urban Letterman

Urban Classic Tee

Urban Luxury Tee

Words Are Power

urban intellect

warriors and scholars

Urban Intellect is a clothing brand that sets out to change the narrative of the urban landscape. It tells the story of both warriors and scholars, street smarts and common sense, perseverance and pain. Honoring the past while at the same time paving the future Urban Intellect is the story of creators and innovators that in the face of obstacles still find ways to overcome.

Melanin Collection (Carmel Edition)

Melanin Collection (Coffee Edition)

Warriors and Scholars

Can't Be Mastered

Melanin Collection

wear the experience

Introducing our latest and most empowering addition to the Urban Intellect clothing line – The Melanin Collection. Designed with love and celebrating the richness of our diverse skin tones, this collection is a tribute to the beauty and strength of melanin.

White Out

OG Wings Tee

Don't Suffer in Silence

Lyfe Lyne Tee

Lyfe Lyne

What's your lyfe lyne?

I dare you to ask yourself whats your lyfe Lyne?  When you come up with your answer you’ll realize that your Lyfe Lyne is what kept you going, its what picks you up when you want to give up.  This brand is therapy, it was created to helps us mentally and physically to push through life in search of purpose, it is to show us that the impossible is possible. Find your Lyfe Lyne and beat the odds that are against you and start loving yourself. What is your Lfye Lyne?


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